Find here all the reviews I received from visitors in the past few years, after a tour in Paris or Versailles.

Those reviews were published on my TripAdvisor page, on my Google page, or directly here on my website.


I hope those comments can help you imagine better what to expect during your next tour with me. 

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Visita a Versalles

Fue una muy buena experiencia la visita con Elisa ya que nos explicó mucho sobre la historia de Francia y el palacio de Versalles, fuimos en familia y para mis hijas menores fue muy divertido por la forma en que lo contaba, la recomiendo mucho.

Verónica, Versailles Palace, March 2024, Read this review on TripAdvisor


Orsay museum

Fully appreciated our group visit with Elisa at musée d'Orsay. Excellent English, very friendly, manages the logistics with the museum staff. Great knowledge, shared in an engaging way.

Jerome, Orsay museum, January 2024, Read this review on Google


Guided tour of Montmartre for Australian students learning French

Elisa was the perfect guide for our school group. She offered an interesting and well-paced visit that kept the interest of the students and allowed them to understand her easily in French. I would recommend Elisa without hesitation. Merci !

Chris, Montmartre district - December 2023, Reviewed here


Informative and fun!

Was a fantastic way to see Montmartre and learn some more of its history. Thanks Elisa everyone loved it, even those bred and born in Paris!

Kym, Montmartre district - November, 2023, Read this review on TripAdvisor


Covered galleries tour with Elisa Jehanno

We did the covered galleries tour with Elisa - and we absolutely loved it! Elisa was very well versed in the history - and made the tour fun and interesting. We could have easily spent all day with her. Highly recommend! 

Terri, Covered galleries - November, 2023, Read this review on TripAdvisor


Expert Navigation of the Louvre

Elise was wonderful! She gave us a private tour of the Louvre. She took us exactly where we needed to go to see the most famous pieces. She also included the history of the Louvre and described how it was set up. I could not have imagined trying to navigate the Louvre without her as a guide.

Mary, Louvre museum - September, 2023Read this review on TripAdvisor


Fun and fine tuned tours of Paris.

Elisa is an excellent guide. She's very engaging and energetic. The details she knew made the sites even more interesting. She was very kind and accommodating in finding elevators when I needed one due to an old knee injury. She's very professional and yet friendly. We enjoyed our tours very much.

Melinda, Ile de la Cité, Sainte Chapelle and Montmartre district - September, 2023,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Private walking tour of Ile de la Cite, Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie

Our three hour walking tour with Elisa was absolutely excellent and a genuinely “5 star” experience. Elisa is an extremely knowledgeable, personable and warm. She provided us with a wealth of interesting historical insights about everything we saw, and also provided recent contemporary information, bringing the sites to life. The three hours passed in a blink of an eye. It was a highlight of our trip and we have kept Elisa’s details, as we would seek her out for when we return to Paris in the future. Finally her English was very good so we understood every word too - important because we unfortunately don’t speak a word of French.

Rachel and Brad, Ile de la Cité, Sainte-Chapelle, Conciergerie - September, 2023, Reviewed here


Private Tour of Sainte Chapelle Amd Louvre

This tour was absolutely fantastic. Elisa was wonderful! She was truly delightful and was an expert with so much knowledge! We were on a small private tour for five hours and she kept us engaged the entire time with fascinating stories. She is also extremely professional. I would highly recommend! When we come back to France, we will definitely take another tour with Elisa.

Beth, Conciergerie, Sainte Chapelle and Louvre museum  - June, 2023, Read this review on Google


Full Day tour of Paris in one day

Elisa was friendly, engaging and her stories and explanations made the sites of Paris more alive. As much as we enjoyed the day seeing the sites in Paris, it didn't compare to the personal touch she provided and can't imagine returning without asking her for assistance once again!

Laird and Vickie, Paris in a day and Louvre museum - May, 2023, Reviewed here


Phenomenal Tour!!!

Elisa was the perfect tour guide! So informative and engaging. She was so easy to understand and kept our kids attention for our entire 1.5-hour tour (ages 7 and 10). We all learned so much and had such a wonderful time. This tour was one of the highlights of our trip!

 Dedra, Louvre museum  - March, 2023Read this review on Google


Best day in Paris

Elisa is worth every penny , use her . My wife and i visited palace of Versailles and Musee de Orsay in one day withher. It was fantastic. She is smart and intuitive and loves her job . The rich experience with her was incredible and we learned so much . Use her , you will not regret it as we will use her in our future visits to Paris.

Johan, Orsay museum and Versailles Palace - February, 2023,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Great Morning at the Museun Thanks to Elisa!

We loved our tour of the Musee d'Orsay with Elisa! She was such a delight and so knowledgable of everything we saw at the museum. She guided us through the galleries efficiently, showing us all of the best highlights and providing in-depth commentary on each piece we viewed. I learned so much about the history of the museum itself, as well as all of the impressionists (and pre-impressionists)...and all of their greatest hits displayed in the museum. Her knowledge on art history and art composition is extensive and impressive. We definitely left the tour feeling enlightened! Elisa is very friendly and organized and made our morning at the museum fun and educational. I'd also like to add that her English is absilutely perfect, so she was easy to understand and to communicate with during the tour. Thank you, Elisa!

Virginia, Orsay museum - February, 2023,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Private guided tour of the Eiffel Tower

We enjoyed the tour from Elisa and she was very knowledgeable regarding the entire city of Paris and the history of France. She knew the full story of the Eiffel Tower and showed us all the sights from the top. We will book again!

Scott, Eiffel Tower - October, 2022, Reviewed here


A private tour of the Louvre

Elisa was our tour guide for a private tour of the Louvre and did a phenomenal job. Elisa began our tour by giving an overview of the museum's layout and then provided us with a detailed history of the Louvre buildings. Our guide ensured we saw the exhibits on our bucket list and provided detailed insights into each exhibit's creator and history.

The headphones provided and her excellent command of English gave us a crystal-clear ability to hear and understand her even in a crowded room. We came away from our time with Elisa at the Louvre feeling completely satisfied with our visit. This was a five-star experience, thanks to Elisa. I highly recommend letting Elisa guide you, and you won't be disappointed.

Gary, Louvre museum - September, 2022, Read this review on Google


Louvre private tour

We loved our tour of the Louvre with Elisa! She is extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions about art and French history. Having a private guide to explain the building and the art made the day special and stress free! We are looking forward to having another tour with Elisa!

Ronda, Louvre museum - September, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Paris museum tours

Elisa was a terrific guide. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, but she has a lovely personality. Elisa shared facts with us that really enhanced the tour. My husband and I both feel that Elisa was one of the best guides we have had on our many trips to Europe. We highly recommend her as a tour guide.


  Linda, Louvre and Orsay museums - September, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Giverny and Paris private tours

We had an amazing two days with Elisa in Giverny and Paris. She is incredibly knowledgeable, speaks impeccable English, is kind, thoughtful, efficient and timely. We’ve used a lot of guides across many trips and she is right at the top. We wish we could have spent more time with her at the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay given her amazing fund of art knowledge. She was very flexible and responsive to our priorities…this is not a cookie cutter tour. Highly recommended!

Dan, Giverny, Louvre and Orsay museums - August, 2022, Read this review on Google


Full Day Private Tour of Paris

Elisa created a very full and informative day for us in Paris!  She was so easy to spend the day with. We truly enjoyed our time with Elisa. In terms of booking, Elisa was very responsive and her attention to detail and timely communication was much appreciated! If you want a true professional, I strongly recommend using Elisa as your Paris guide.

Marivern, Full day tour in Paris including Louvre museum and Arc de Triomphe - August, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Guide in Paris

Elisa provided us with the perfect tour of Paris. She was very knowledgeable and listened to our needs. She is very easy to work with.

Beth, Full day tour in Paris including Montmartre and Sainte Chapelle - June, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Wonderful Art Guide!

Elisa was a wonderful guide for our tours of the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay. She has outstanding knowledge of art and art history, but was able to successfully balance her knowledge and to keep things moving and prevent us from getting “museum fatigue” as can happen in these very large art museums. She was very prompt, friendly, and helpful. It was really nice to be able to bypass a number of lines with her and to to have professional help in seeing the major highlights of the museums and still have time to explore on our own once the tour was complete. Elisa provided excellent guidance on how to purchase tickets and the entire process was very easy and convenient.

Ryan, Louvre and Orsay museums - June, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Orsay museum private tour

Elisa was a wonderful guide for five of uas at the Orsay museum in Paris. She is very knowledgeable , articulate, and very pleasant and friendly . She was very prepared with a plan based on the time (3 hours) that we asked for. I highly recommend Elisa for any job she agrees to.

Jim, Orsay museum - May, 2022, Read this review on Google



Elisa arrived in good time and gave an overview of the history of Versailles before the tour of the Palace. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions without hesitation. Due to the length of the tour a short drinks break would have been appreciated. However without doubt I highly recommend Elisa as a tour guide.

Dave, Versailles Palace - May, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Private guided tour of the Opera House Garnier

Thankyou Elisa for a fabulous tour of the Opera House. You made the building come alive with your knowledge and enthusiasm. It must be one of the most beautiful building buildings in Paris and it is fascinating to hear how the Architect achieved such perfection and such long time ago in such difficult conditions. Thankyou Elisa for a very memorable day ! We much look forward to booking our next tour with You .

Andrew, Opera House Garnier - March, 2022, Reviewed here


25th Anniversary Virtual Tour of Paris

Elisa made our 25th wedding anniversary truly special. Her virtual tour was the highlight of our celebration. We had always wanted to visit Paris for our anniversary but due to several reasons, we were unable to travel. When the tour started, I thought to myself that a virtual tour was not going to be any different than me doing a Google Maps search. But I was wrong! Elisa's knowledge and preparation made me feel as if I really was in Paris.
Elisa took us through both Le Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay. We booked tours over two days and on each tour, Elisa relayed interesting facts, told stories, and inspired us to plan a future trip. She provided us with tips as to which museum had which exhibits, which was less crowded during certain times, how to tackle such a large collection, and provided us with the highlights on our virtual tour.

We will definitely seek her out for another tour in person when the time comes. Thank you, Elisa! We highly recommend her for an informative and fulfilling tour! 

Michael, Virtual tours of Paris - March, 2022,  Read this review on TripAdvisor


Virtual guided tour: Paris Overview from the Seine River

Elisa is a very nice, kind, educative and professional tour guide - highly recommended.

Michael, Virtual tour of Paris - January, 2022, Reviewed here


Louvre museum

Elisa provided a spectacular tour of the Louvre for our group of 10 in October 2021. It was on the first day our 3 week visit to northern France and I can't think of a better way to have started the vacation. Her tour was of both the museum's history and the art work that was as comprehensive as I imagined a 3.5 hour tour could be of the Louvre. She even managed to point out the significance of one art piece not on the tour but requested by one of us. Elisa's exceptional work started before our trip as she helped with questions regarding covid that we couldn't find answers to from our websites or our travel agent. I rank Elisa's tour at the top of a highlight filled 3 weeks.

Eric, Louvre museum - October, 2021, Read this review on Google


Orsay museum

This was a two hour tour of the Musée d'Orsay and it flew by. Elisa, was so entertaining and well informed. I can honestly say it was one of the most interesting and informative tours I have ever had of a museum. Lots of interesting stories, anecdotes, and behind the scenes info. I would thoroughly recommend her as your guide.

Mauricio, Orsay museum guided tour - September, 2021, Read this review on Google


Louvre museum

My fiancé and I visited Paris & booked a private tour of the Louvre with Elisa. This visit was so much more memorable than my first time! The way Elisa explains art, giving context, is amazing- she tailors the tour to your level of understanding/experience and to what you wish to see, and keeps an amazing pace while she does so. 2.5 hours in the Louvre felt like 1 (this is a good thing!). We saw just the right amount of pieces that we gained a good understanding of the Louvre’s essence, but not too many that it all started swimming together. I cannot recommend Elisa enough & will do so to anyone I know visiting Paris! (She does tours of other sites as well- just ask!).

Michelle, Louvre museum private tour - September, 2021, Read this review on Google


Orsay museum virtual tour

Elisa led a virtual tour of Musee d'Orsay during an event organized for faculty members of a medical conference. The tour was excellent - She was so professional, interesting and delightful. The attendees wanted her to continue the tour even after it finished and complimented her skills and delivery. I would highly recommend using Elisa for any upcoming tour in Paris!


Hadar, Virtual tour of the Orsay museum - June, 2021, Read this review on Google


Virtual tours of Versailles and the Orsay museum

Elisa is a very knowledgeable and engaging guide. I have used Elisa several times during lockdown to host museum and other visits for team and client events. These online events have all been a great success. Elisa is very professional in all her interactions and has a lovely manner.

Tara, Virtual tours of Paris - May, 2021, Read this review on Google


Virtual guided tour: Paris Overview from the Seine River

Five stars! My work colleagues and I decided to go with the virtual "Paris Overview from the Seine River" tour as a team building event and we were very happy in choosing Elisa. She is very knowledgeable and made the experience truly fantastic for everyone. I hope to one day travel to Paris to go on a real tour with Elisa once the pandemic is over but the virtual option was still a great experience and is highly recommended.


Connor, Virtual tour of Paris - April, 2021, Reviewed here


Virtual tour of Paris from the rooftops - Team event

I had the opportunity to have this guided virtual tour experience around famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other monuments. Despite of the fact that I've visited them before, Elisa show us an incredible view, even remote, and at the same time, told us some curiosities about them. I think that in current days is a good idea to visit or re-visit this beautiful city and with Elisa's interactivity is even better! Tatiana


It was quite interesting. I was in Paris more than 10 years ago and it was an opportunity to revisit the city as it is today and learn some history about the city. Elisa was excellent, very clear and communication was very noticeable. Rui


The tour was good, it gave you a taste of what you can see in Paris. We have started with the Eiffel Tour and it was very educational. Elisa told us lots of peculiar information it. I felt that the others places were not presented in the same way, but I understand this is what was possible to with the time we had. We had access to parts that we probably would not have access to on a regular tour, for i.e we we able to "go" inside the Grand Palais. Elisa was great, it was pleasant to listen to her, she was friendly. Her honest smile gave the human interaction we needed for this virtual tour. Thanks again and wishing you success for the tours to come! Ana


It was really nice to see Paris without leaving my house. Learn the buildings and Paris history it is always a nice experience. I really liked it and recommend it. Mariana


A really nice virtual tour and very clear explanation. I have already been to Paris a couple of years ago and to be there again - even if virtually - was a really nice experience: I was shown some monuments i had no time to visit during that long week end trip. I recommend the tour and I would enjoy virtual tours of other towns, or for example the Loire Valley. P.s. the tour reminded me to avoid visiting such big cities with new shoes :) Silvia


Was good relieving some of the sights of Paris and also very surprised about some facts like Montmartre's story! Rui.


Elisa has made me truly travel. Her immersive descriptions and carefully chosen and narrated stories abut the places and buildings chosen to present Paris really made me feel there and involved. I felt connected and it was very good. Thank you and keep up the good work! Vicente

Tatiana, Rui, Ana, Mariana, Silvia, Rui, Vicente, Virtual Tour of Paris from the rooftops - March, 2021, Reviewed here


Virtual tour of the Orsay museum

I book a visit of the Orsay museum as a birthday gift to a friend and something fun to do together. 

We both LOVED it! It was very entertaining, and Elisa did an excellent job at giving us interesting context for both the museum itself, and the paintings she showed us.

My friend told me after the tour: "I was a bit skeptical.. how good can a virtual tour of a museum be? It turns out the answer is: awesome! I could practically smell Paris." A huge compliment from someone who had visited Orsay multiple times before. Highly recommended!

Greg, Virtual tour of the Orsay museum - March, 2021, Read this review on Google


Avis en espagnol

Visita virtual de Paris

Ideal para una actividad en familia en estos dias de confinamiento. Elisa es una excelente guia, con perfecto dominio de la lengua española y los medios técnicos a su disposición para hacer esta visita. Toda la familia la disfrutó, los que nunca habían estado en Paris sintieron que ya fueron, y los que ya habían estado, recordaron momentos muy agradables. Seguramente haremos otras de las visitas con Elisa. La recomendamos sin duda.

Carlos, Virtual guided tour of Paris, February 2021, Reviewed here



Virtual guided tour of Paris

This was an excellent tour taking in some interesting sites of Paris. Sure, you can google these views yourself but Elisa brought it to life.

James, Virtual tour of Paris - February, 2021, Reviewed here


A transporting virtual tour

My husband and I took a private virtual tour of the Musée d'Orsay on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful time. Elisa was so knowledgeable, told interesting stories about the art and artists, and made us feel like we had the museum to ourselves. She made sure to encourage us to ask any questions we had, and always added interesting details when she answered them. I give this tour my highest recommendation. We can't wait to have her lead us on another tour when we can finally visit Paris again.


Tamara, Virtual tour of the Orsay museum - January, 2021, Read this review on TripAdvisor


Virtual Tour of Paris from the Seine River

Elisa joined us virtually for our team holiday event and she was fantastic! She “walked” us through Paris and gave us historical but also fun tidbits about each area we saw. She was knowledgeable, entertaining and also very professional. Our team appreciated being transported to another country momentarily and forget that we’re stuck in Canada in a pandemic. 

Thank you Elisa! Your services will certainly be recommended!

Lelaine, Virtual tour of Paris from the Seine river - December, 2020, Read this review on Google


Simply top

Elisa has been our guide during a 3h30min private visit of the most known and famous masterpieces and galleries of Louvre museum. We had a great time there!

She is a very knowledgeable, professional and emphatic person; she is able to talk in detail about history topics but also to tell anecdotes about masterpieces and artists. We will definitely come back for a second visit and we will choose Elisa again.

Andrea, Louvre museum - October, 2020 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Virtual Tour of the Opera Garnier

Simply the best virtual tour ever! Knowledgeable, dynamic, adapted to the audience.

Christine, Virtual tour of the Opera Garnier - September, 2020, Read this review on Google


Awesome Virtual Tour of Versailles

Our family was looking for something enjoyable and educational during this challenging time staying at home for weeks, and Elisa's virtual tour of Versailles was perfect! My family in California, my parents in Florida, and my sister's family in the Carolinas all joined Elisa for a one hour live guided tour through Versailles Palace (using Google Arts and Culture's 3D mapping so it was like being there - but with no other people/crowds!). Elisa's commentary and insights, and her eagerness to respond to questions, made the experience interactive and engaging for our tri-generational group. And, at only 80 Euros for the hour, we received a lot of value for our money. Cannot recommend enough.

Andrew, Virtual tour of the Versailles Palace - April, 2020 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


A very different view of Montmartre

A few Saturdays ago, some very good friends asked if we would like to join them and their little dog on a 2-hour guided tour of Montmartre [...]

It was an excellent visit. There were so many little side streets that I had never been to; buildings I knew as a “site”, but not in terms of their history; little parks; who the statues were and why they were there; the old entrances to the metro stations and much more….also she introduced us to Flashinvader [...] but beware, it is addictive, though if you are bringing kids, then it’s a big bonus

She did not bother doing the normal sites; that was not the purpose. Rather it was about the long gone, hidden history. During my French studies all those years ago, I had read most of the books and poems we discussed; since when, I had probably seen most of the art referred to (BTW, just don’t miss the Musee d’Orsay or even the little museum in Montmartre itself) and heard the music

She was very patient, answered all our questions, had enlarged photos of everything so you could understand what Montmartre used to look like all those years ago ie being outside of Paris then

One more thing. We all speak fluent French, but she spoke seriously good English, both in terms of vocabulary but also accent, which is just as important for understanding

Oh, wear sensible shoes - if you didn't know, its very up and down

We had a great time and fully recommend Elisa to you


Adrian, The artists in Montmartre - February, 2020 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Half day private Versailles tour

Visited Versailles with Elisa. It was a very nice trip with great insightful sharing from her. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and she even went out of her way to check if our Eurostar trip would be impacted by the strike and recommended other places to explore and dine during our stay in Paris. Thumbs up!!!

Wendy, Versailles Palace - December, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Paris by Foot!

We toured the Ile de Cite area of Paris with Elisa for several hours. She had to substitute Saint Chappell for Notre Dame which was very interesting to see . Her information was excellent and she answered all our questions. She knew exactly where to go at the right time to avoid the lines. Elisa was very adaptable to changing anything we needed along the way to be sure we were happy with the tour especially in The Louvre. She even followed up with suggestions by email for some shopping areas we needed

Highly recommend her as your Paris on foot guide. Sadly we forgot to taker her photo as we usually do with our guides so I am posting one of me from our walk with her along the Seine .

Patti, Ile de la Cité, Sainte Chapelle, Louvre museum - October, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Paris and Versailles tours

Dear Elisa, Thank you for your wonderful guiding with my group. It was so much appreciated. 

Natasha and her students, 3 days in Paris and Versailles - September, 2019 - Reviewed by email


Fun and knowledgeable

Elisa gave a wonderful tour of the Louve for us. We got a great over view of the art work and the fabulous building.

Jill, Louvre museum - October, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Louvre museum private tour

Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable tour of the Louvre. You made it so much more meaningful than it would have been on my own, which was exactly what I wanted.

I feel like I walked away with an indepth knowledge of what I saw, as well as the history of the building. I will definitely be in touch when my husband and I return.

Bethany, Louvre museum - September, 2019 - Reviewed by email


Quick stay in Paris

I would highly recommend Elisa’s services. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided me and my family with a great crash course on Paris by guiding us to many of the key sites as well as providing us with all of the historical details.

Greg, Highlights of Paris with Sainte Chapelle and Arc de Triomphe - July, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


wonderful walking tour

Elisa was just perfect in every way. So personable , great knowledge , perfect tour of the Louvre, Sante Chapelle, walk around ND , break at side walk cafe . I highly recommend booking Elisa for any tour.

Lorraine, Louvre museum, Ile de la Cité, Sainte Chapelle - June, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Wonderful Tour Guide!

Elisa was very knowledgeable, and also very prompt in helping us decide on and make arrangements for the two tours (Louvre and Montmartre) that we booked with her. She gave us easy to find meeting points, and was always on time. She also has a great sense of humor, which made the tours even more fun.

I won’t hesitate to book additional tours with Elisa on future trips to Paris.

Paul, Louvre museum and Montmartre district - June, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Le Marais

Excellent experience for us and for our granddaughter. Elisa guided us through the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Le Marais with great knowledge and light enough to capture the attention of our granddaughter.

Juliette, Louvre museum, Marais district and Eiffel Tower - June, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Louvre museum and Versailles Palace

Our family of four had the pleasure of working with Elisa. She was recommended to us by close friends from Houston and she did not disappoint. Elisa made the most of each tour she gave and kept us on schedule. I highly recommend using Elisa's services as she is highly professional, well organized and very helpful.

David, Louvre museum and Versailles Palace - May, 2019 - Read this review on Google


Best Paris Tour Guide ever...Elisa Jehanno!

Elisa took us on a whirlwind tour of the Paris highlights on May 10, 2019. She was a very knowledgeable guide, well-spoken, articulate, with a good sense of humor! She is also very well-connected at many of the points of interest she took us to...especially in The Louvre. We have recommended her highly to friends and family. Her tours will not disappoint you in the least! Should we return to Paris in the near future, we would definitely book another tour with her.

Peter, Highlights of Paris - May, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Praise for Elisa

If you are looking for a guided tour in Paris I highly recommend Elisa. She is a real professional and will cater to your group and agenda easily. She is punctual. We did not have the benefit of making early arrangements with Elisa but she worked with us to make the most of our visit(s). I have not visited the museums in Paris for several years and things have changed. You must book your tickets online and well in advance. The Louvre was closed to people who did not have advance, online tickets. We met a couple who arrived days earlier and still had not been able to buy tickets to the museum on site. Thankfully, Elisa had taken care of us and we breezed through the gate and security.

At Versailles we had a limited amount of time but more than enough for us to have a great experience. Elisa arranged for us to be there just at the right time to see the fountains running. I have been to Versailles a few times before but never saw the fountains working. It was special.

David, Louvre museum and Versailles Palace - May, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Excellent, knowledgeable guide

We agree with the many other reviews that find Elisa's abilities as a guide to be excellent. Her tour was informative, fun and interesting. One of our group had suffered an injury and could not walk far. We were grateful and delighted that Elisa was able to find a driver on very short notice so that this member could participate. She is knowledgeable about history and art, was very good at managing to get us through crowds and, as stated above very adaptable to our needs. We would recommend her without reservation.

Jane, Highlights of Paris - May, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Touring the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay

We were lucky enough to have Elisa of Elisa Jehanno Tour Guide skillfully and knowledgeably guide through these two wonderful museums. She focused on what we wanted to experience and provided a solid history laced with charming anecdotes. She also knew how to skirt us around the crowds, thus avoiding the crush! We spent two hours at each museum and came away with a more in depth understanding of the paintings and sculptures we have known about for years!

Betsy, Louvre and Orsay museums - May, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


One Perfect Day in Paris

We are so grateful to Elisa for showing us Paris! We connected with her before our trip and she customized a day specifically based on our requests. Elisa was the perfect tour guide for our family! She clearly has a passion for Paris, its history and cultural landmarks. Our tour was perfectly paced for our family and her proposed timing for admission tickets was impeccable. She is enthusiastic, informative, kind and patient. Touring Le Louvre with her is the privilege of a lifetime. We will definitely contact her the next time we're in Paris.

Keith, Full day tour in Paris - January, 2019 - Read this review on TripAdvisor 


Excellent Guide

My wife and I spent a part of two days with Elisa during our short visit to Paris this past holiday season. If you are visiting a place for the first time, I highly recommend investing in the services of a professional tour guide like Elisa. Doing so takes away a great deal of the stress that some might feel when visiting a new city, particularly if you are on a tight schedule!

For our visit, Elisa proposed itineraries for each day that struck a good balance between "see all that we can" and "have enough energy to enjoy the end of the day". She showed up with skip-the-line tickets. She knew the right places to meet. She brought with her an iPad loaded with supplemental material. For the noisy Louvre Museum, she provided us with personal headsets so that we could hear her explanations as we moved through the crowds.

She is very educated on the history of Paris and she knows the highlights of the Louvre, the Orsay Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral very well. We came to know of Elisa through word-of-mouth. The person that referred us to Elisa was equally pleased with Elisa's services and has referred multiple people to her.Thank you Elisa!

Christopher, Orsay Museum, Ile de la Cité, Louvre Museum - December, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Enthralling visit at the Louvre

Very interesting visit, perfectly within the topic. I was coming with 15 American undergrad students (within affective neuroscience class) to discover how emotions were depicted across time and art. Both my students and I were captivated by this visit which I highly recommend. Elisa was very patient and listened to my needs to propose this interesting visit. Thank you!

Elodie, Emotions in art at the Louvre museum - November, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


The best private tour guide

Elisa knows Paris, if you want any specific or general tour in Paris Elisa is the right person. She is happy and enthusiastic making the experience amazing.

Camila, Covered galleries and Eiffel Tower - November, 2018. Read this review on TripAdvisor


Phenomenal Guide; Knowledgeable; Flexible; Easy to Work With

We booked Elisa for a 5 hour private tour of the Versailles Palace (including the gardens and Trianons, etc.) and had an unbelievable time. We wanted to keep the group small (just me, my wife and mom) because of my wife's pregnancy and mom's advanced age - and it was the best decision we could've made.

Elisa made the history come to life with her great anecdotes and historical knowledge. She was very easy to talk to and has a wonderful personality that made the long day extremely fun. Though we were all tired after walking thousands of steps, Elisa remained upbeat the entire time and helped make Versailles the favorite part of our trip to Paris. The other guides that I've used in Paris cannot compare and we'll definitely make sure to try and book her for other Paris trips in the future!

Eric, Versailles Palace, gardens and Trianon - October, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Great family trip to Paris

We spent a wonderful day with Elisa visiting highlights of Paris. She organized a costumed tour for our family given that we had kids (3 and 7 years old) and grandparents. Everyone enjoyed the tour and learning about history of Paris. I highly recommend Elisa as a tour guide.

Aura, Orsay museum, Sainte-CHapelle and highlights of Paris - August, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Private Tour of the Louvre

Elisa was an excellent guide. She made the most of our time by guiding us to some very special exhibits and her knowledge of the Louvre's history and art works was excellent.

Elisa made the whole experience very enjoyable and her background to the art works was superb.

Michael, Louvre museum - June, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Fantastic tour guide

We truly enjoy our waking tour with Elisa! We had young children and she was really great sharing history of the places we visited. Highly recommended.

Aura, Ile de la Cité and Notre-Dame Cathedral - June, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Two excellent tours: The Louvre and Montmartre

We went to Paris with our 13 year old granddaughter and visited the Louvre and Montmartre with Elisa. It was a great experience as her knowledge and delivery were excellent, specially with a young teenager. Very light and informative always with an easy smile.

Juliette, Louvre museum and Montmartre - June, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


3 Hour Walking Tour with Elisa Jehanno

This was the highlight of our trip to Paris! Elisa is extraordinarily bright, highly intelligent and very well educated. Her English was perfect and communication was never even a question. I learned more about art and history in 3 hours walking around Paris than any class I have ever attended and there was no test! Her delivery is easy and unassuming, she answered questions with ease and tied so much of it all together.

Denise, Highlights of Paris, April, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Highly recommended!

Elisa was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable. She brought the Louvre to life. I highly recommend her.

Chris, Louvre museum - April, 2018 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Awesome Tour

We customized a three hour tour with Elisa - it was a 5 star experience. She is so wonderful and knowledgeable. My wife and daughter and I had an awesome time. Would highly recommend you book with Elisa!!!


Steve, Highlights of Paris - April, 2018. Read this review on TripAdvisor



Elisa took us on an early morning tour of Montmartre, followed by an extremely insightful 2 1/2 hour visit to the d'Orsy Museum, and then a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Elisa is a wonderful person & extremely intelligent tour guide. You can not go wrong by touring Paris with her!


Steve, Montmartre, Orsay museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral - August, 2017 - Read this review on TripAdvisor


Really interesting, good explanation, ensuring you see the best of the Louvre!!

Our whole family (10 people) joined this tour that has been a very good experience! From my 5 year old daughter to the 69 year old grandfather we all enjoyed the visit and the high quality of the entertaining explanations. Extremely recommendable, and very good level of Spanish from Elisa!

Rodrigo, Louvre museum tour - December, 2016 - Read this review on TripAdvisor

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