I am a professional tour guide in Paris since 2013. I offer private guided tours in Paris and the Parisian region to make you travel through the centuries to discover the monuments and neighborhoods of Paris.

Whether you want to see the best of Paris or to get out of the beaten path, I will adapt to your requests.


With your family or your friends, what I like above all is to pass on my passion for Paris, where there is always something new to discover! Together, we will customize a tour according to you wishes. My tours are aimed at first-time visitors in Paris, as well as art lovers or families: there is something for you in Paris, whatever you like the most!


And if you don't know what to visit in Paris, I will suggest several options to fit your timings. I am working full time as a private tour guide in Paris, so I can help you chose which tours suits you the best.

However, I am not a travel planner, so I cannot organize your full trip, or book hotels or restaurants for you. 

Elisa Jehanno private tour guide in Paris

Before being a tour guide

I was born and raised in Western France (Brittany). I have graduated in Art history and Modern Languages, which gave me a solid general knowledge. 

I lived abroad for a year in Spain (Madrid) as part of the Erasmus exchange program, where I met other students from all around the world! This helped me to become fluent in English and Spanish. 


Finally, I studied for a year in the Loire Valley, to receive a specific mandatory training about on how to be a good tour guide! I graduated and got my professional tour guide license at the University of Angers.

What I like...

  • Entering in a good bakery and smell the fresh bread at any time of the day: I know it is a cliché, but I do like a good pain au chocolat or baguette in the morning! That is also part of the French way of life.
  • Getting close to the window to watch the rain falling when I'm warm and comfy at home!
  • Taking the bus back home after a day guiding in Paris, driving by the Pont-Neuf at nightfall, and enjoying the view of the Seine river, thinking how magical is Paris...

What I do not like...

  • Fake "free tours": because in France, a guide needs to be licensed, and it matters to me! The profession of tour guide is a regulated trade, so that you can rely on what you guide tells you.
  • When it's raining but I'm under the rain... (Even if I was raised in Brittany, which is known in France as a region where it often rains!!)
  • The false clichés about Paris and the Parisians: yes, French people can be welcoming and nice! Now, you will have to come to meet us in Paris to form your own opinion!

My perspective on guiding

I think a guided tour must be a moment to share and enjoy with your loved ones.

That's why I only offer private tours for couples, families or group of friends. This allows everyone to take full advantage of the visit.


In order to adapt the tour to your desires, please do not hesitate to tell me your expectations: an in-depth tour on a specific subject, a general overview of Paris or a special family tour for children, I will do my best to meet your expectations.


A few words to sum up what to expect during one of my tours:

Learn in a fun way - Discover the best of Paris - Customize your private tour


The professional license

I am a fully licensed professional tour guide. The license is required to guide you through museums and monuments in France. This is a proof that I have graduated from a specific training to be a tourist guide in France.


I always wear this license card around my neck during guided tours, do not hesitate to ask me about it!

Official licensed tour guide